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As a Facebook Page Administrator, you may have noticed a subtle notification “Coming Soon: A New Layout For Facebook Pages” and the button “Join the waiting list”.


So, naturally, we at BAM SMS joined the waiting list and were recently granted access to the updated layout. Here are my observations.

The layout change is rather subtle and there are no new functions as there was in the previous update, however the admin workspace has been re-organised. A much welcomed change is that once you go to your Page, you do not have to scroll down through a set of menus anymore, you see the Page in user mode with a neat Admin menu in the left upper corner:

The sub-menus have basically kept their previous form and options.

From the Administrator point of view, the Page is now divided into three columns, whereas the user sees the Page divided into two major parts only. The right hand side is now a compact stream of messages that more than ever resembles Twitter or an RSS flow of messages. This seems like a minor change, but for us it clearly demonstrates the fact that a Facebook Post is an object with a very, very limited life span and the message from Mark Zuckerberg and his team is to “update often and regularly”. In addition, it again is a step towards better user experience with Facebook Pages on a mobile device, especially on a small screen of a mobile phone. These are very important changes! Compare this optimum posting frequency for brands on Facebook (a different situation with other types of Pages, such as media) with the one recommended last year (between 2 and 4 posts per week)!

The other major column on the left now serves as the space for “everything else but posts” – information on Page fans, content (photos, videos, about section, liked Pages etc…). The layout change is good news for Apps as their menu became significantly more visible, however, we have to bear in mind that only an estimated 2% of the fan base is actually visiting the Page itself (majority of content is consumed by users in their newsfeed), so the Facebook Application user base still relies on its internal viral mechanisms and advertising support.

Facebook have done a good job with this update bringing neater design and workspace layout for admins. Another important feature is yet again improved visibility on mobile devices. We expect more changes towards better “feeling” of Facebook Pages very soon.

Originally written for BAM SMS blog:

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