Social Media & Life in Thailand

A humble blog of a Czech guy working with Social Media and living in Bangkok, Thailand.

Starting my 14th year of delivering the commercial messages of all kinds using Digital Media. I have used Social Media before they were called Social Media, and I wonder every day about the miracle of the real-life human-to-human connections enhance by technology.


Being born in a communist country surrounded by wires and soldiers with live ammunition guarding the border line with "western imperialist block" in times the Berlin wall was standing strong, I have never thought I would experience a censorship again. Well, here I am, in the land of smiles.

I unfortunately can not help myself not thinking about pretty much anything from the marketing/advertising/PR point of view anymore, with this case being no exception. I believe that the army has made a big mistake taking this step, especially towards western media. The censorship on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) lasted for less than 2 hours according to my experience, thus having zero impact on the society apart from a message overload after the platforms went alive again in Bangkok and huge symbolic negative value of this act... Meanwhile the ban on CNN TV channel continues, the army can sit down and write a short Jeff Bullas-style whitepaper called "10 tips on losing PR points in two simple steps".

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